The Weekly Wrap-up: A Life of Adventure with Ben Fogle

We hope you’re feeling just as inspired as we are after Ben Fogle’s talk on The Weekly this Tuesday!

Catch up on the session right here to discover the biggest challenges he’s faced but also the biggest lessons Ben has learnt during his fascinating career.

Facing Your Fears: Ben revealed one the lessons he’s taken along with him from the beginning is the importance of confronting his fears head on. Watch below to see how Ben embraced his fears in one of his first ever adventures!

Saying Yes More: Ben spoke on the power of saying yes more and how it’s opened doors for him throughout his career.

What Drives You?: We often forget to live life for the journey, not just the destination. Ben reminds us of the importance of grasping every moment we can.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s session of The Weekly with Ben Fogle. If you’d like to book Ben for a bespoke talk for your team, get in touch at

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