Guest Blog — Jeff Weigh on Leadership During Tough Times

  1. They provide information about the ‘here and now’ for each of your people. Sometimes it’s good and other times not so good. This is the reality for each of us as we adapt to the new challenges that come along, sometimes daily.
  2. They provide a rich insight into the personal values of everyone in your organisation. What’s important to every employee is now on display like never before and this can be observed through behaviours demonstrated and confirmed when you listen to the language of what your people prioritise.
  1. The person who requests to start their working day later so that they can go for a run or exercise in the morning, is prioritising their own well-being. From a values perspective health and well-being is important to them.
  2. The person who requests to finish their working day earlier and respond to emails in the evening so that they can have time with their children and partner, is prioritising time with their family. From a values perspective family is important to them.



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