Founders’ Note — The PepTalk Co.

Today, we formally launched our new business venture: The PepTalk Co. Our product is PepTalk, a live video coaching and speaking platform that connects individuals and teams to curated real-world experts.

We built PepTalk because we believe in experience. In fact, we believe experience is the ultimate teacher.

We ought to know. We — Ant Cauchi and Lloyd Salmons — have been incredibly fortunate in the career experiences we’ve enjoyed and the opportunity we’ve had to coach and to be coached.

We met while working in the music industry in London, at EMI. Ant was EMI’s first Head of New Media and Lloyd was running the International New Media Marketing Network. In those roles, we had a front-row seat to some heady times and we worked closely with acts such as Queen, Blur, Gorillaz, and Radiohead. Surely you’ll recognize them as among the most creative artists of their time and beyond. Those experiences were once-in-a-lifetime and would be impossible to duplicate. We’ll come back to that idea.

In time, we decided to go out on our own. Digital and new media were and are our wheelhouse, so we founded a digital and social marketing agency called Outside Line. There we built something that was truly ours — a people-driven company culture that attracted clients including Budweiser, Diesel, Nike, Stella Artois, and Virgin Galactic. We also gained experience about entrepreneurship and building a team. It was our turn to become mentors as well. In 2012, Outside Line was acquired by Saatchi & Saatchi.

We’ve remained friends and business partners. Last year, we got together and started talking about how lucky we’ve been with the amazing people we have met. Not everyone can tap into experience in music or entrepreneurship, or the breadth of people and professions one meets in these roles (we’ve known bankers, brewers, scientists, CEOs and we even once did a project for the Dalai Lama). Some who seek wisdom about entrepreneurship, creative lives, and more may not have easy access to mentors who can teach the earned principles of how to succeed, live a healthy life, and so on. We wondered if we could try and solve this, and with the great promise of technology making almost all things accessible, we started thinking about connecting people through a virtual platform. As we started fleshing out ideas, The PepTalk Co. was born.

We envision PepTalk as the platform that lets experience be your coach. It gives access to curated real-world experts who will share their experience and help guide individuals, teams, and larger groups such as whole companies via a tailored live video conversation — a Solo, a Team Talk, or a Keynote. A PepTalk can be as short as 10 minutes, or a full virtual speaker event.

As our team grew closer to launching PepTalk, the COVID-19 virus was spreading worldwide and it has drastically affected the workplace as we know it. While it was always our intention for PepTalk to be an enterprise tool helping managers and leaders to inspire and inform teams, to be included in employee development programs, the need to connect teams has greatly increased with anticipated long-term remote work. PepTalk is ready to meet that challenge.

In closing, we wanted to share a few of the values and intentions that we have in creating this platform with our amazing team.

  1. We believe access to the experience and knowledge of others improves lives. It’s improved ours.
  2. We’d like to kickstart a new, knowledge-based gig economy. PepTalk is for the coaches as well as the consumers — as our economy shifts, it’s an opportunity for these experts not only to mentor but also to grow a coaching business that amplifies their voice and supplements their income.
  3. As employers and mentors ourselves, we know how much motivation and inspiration can elevate a team dynamic. Experienced-based coaching can make for healthier, happier, more productive employees, teams, and companies.
  4. There’s nothing better than a PepTalk, capital p or not. No matter what need state you might have — needing assistance handling pressure, guidance with a career path, advice on work/life balance or wellness — the right coach will change your life.
  5. Finally, we made PepTalk because we believe in human potential. Many of us need a little boost, a mentor, a supporter, to nudge us toward the best version of ourselves. That best version just might be unstoppable.

We’re continuing to build on our own experiences, and we’re delighted to share the opportunity to grow from the experience of our ever-growing roster of expert coaches. It’s time to let experience be your coach, and if you’re ready, we’d love to hear from you.

Yours in PepTalking,

Ant & Lloyd




PepTalk curates real-time conversations with the world’s smartest experts that support the holistic workplace wellbeing of your team.

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The PepTalk Co.

The PepTalk Co.

PepTalk curates real-time conversations with the world’s smartest experts that support the holistic workplace wellbeing of your team.

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