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3 min readMar 11, 2021


When you go through the process of bringing an idea in your head to life, a necessary evil of it all is writing it all up so other people can understand and share in your vision. This process can often be painful as you tweak, tweak and then just tweak what seems like another 1,000 times more until you think you’re happy. Then you tweak it again.

Through this ongoing evolution at PepTalk, we’ve stayed loyal to one phrase in particular. This is our mission which has made it into every deck and pitch, ‘To Democratize Access to Great Experience.’

We’re proud to say we now have…

  • Welcomed over 500 amazing experts to our platform
  • Delivered over 75 hours of PepTalks on 30 different topics
  • Motivated over 3,500 individuals within partner businesses

Doing this all in the last 6 months, we feel like we’re now really on the way to delivering on this mission.

The feedback we’ve received so far from clients has all been so positive, but with one consistent action point: How can we offer regular PepTalks to every team in the business at an affordable rate?

Today we are incredibly excited to answer this question with a simple solution and that is The Weekly by PepTalk.

By signing up to a subscription with The Weekly you and your team will receive a 20-minute PepTalk session plus an interactive Q&A once a week, every week. This town hall with the world’s smartest experts is delivered straight to your team’s desks whether they’re working from home or in the office. They can also be viewed live or on-demand to fit around everyone’s schedules.

Set to a curated calendar of key themes from wellbeing to business to culture, each virtual visit to The Weekly ensures your team will come away with actionable insights that make an immediate impact, all year round. With this, we truly believe we have built something that works for teams of all sizes, styles, and geographies, whatever the future of work may look like.

When our motivation is depleted, focus and well-being suffer. The Weekly gives you a regular dose of motivation to enable your teams to improve performance, enhance well-being, and grow personally or as a team within a business. And with experts like world cup-winning rugby legend Johnny Wilkinson and inspirational Royal Air Force pilot Mandy Hickson ready to make an impact, it’s the 20 minutes per week your team will never want to miss.

We aim to live by the words we have always stuck to from the very beginning, and we think that by launching The Weekly, we’ve made such a great stride in continuing our journey to fully democratizing access to great experience and actionable insights for all.

To sign-up for our free beta sessions or to find out how your team can subscribe and gain access to our world-class experts right at their desks, all year round, visit

Happy PepTalking,

Ant & Lloyd



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