International Week of Happiness at Work is upon us!

This year we are joined by the inspirational Mo Gawdat as he shares his ambitious mission to help one billion people become happier.

Catch up here for some top tips from Mo to help set you on your path to greater happiness today.

What Makes Us Happy?: Mo says it’s not the events that happen in our lives at all! Watch below to learn why.

The Happiness Equation: Ever wish you could fit happiness into a simple equation? Mo explains exactly how happiness happens.

Happiness is Like Health: Therefore…

As many return to school this week, we welcome renowned parenting expert and author Sue Atkins, as she outlines her insightful perspective on juggling the demands of daily life with tips to support working parents.

Juggling it All at Once: Sue says don’t try to do everything. Instead, give this trick a go to help you create a better balance.

Boundaries: When it comes to setting rules, Sue says it’s important to let your children in on the conversation so you can tackle challenges as a team.

Notice Your Triggers: Make sure to keep an eye on when…

This week communication coach Rachel Coffey shared with us her techniques for building your confidence when it comes to having better conversations with even better outcomes.

Watch below for a sneak peek of some of Rachel’s top tips from the session.

Be Interested in Others: With their whole world to explore, build rapport with others by asking your questions.

Navigating Small Talk: Make sure you’re listening to others and allow spontaneous thoughts to carry your conversation.

Giving Feedback: To reduce tension in delivering feedback, be sure to find a point of agreement in order to create common ground…

Catch up on this week’s session with world chess champion and poker player, Jennifer Shahade, as she provides insights on how to calculate and manage risk so you can anticipate those unforeseen consequences and make your move.

Don’t Just Think Ahead: Are you always planning far into the future? Switch it up with this tip from Jennifer.

Don’t be scared to bluff: Negative feedback always means a bad decision, right? Jennifer says think again.

Always Think Big: Even when we lose many times, it’s the winning decisions that matter in the end. …

We all want to deliver that presentation that knocks everyone’s socks off. It’s the one that leaves people walking away with a fresh perspective, sold on an idea, or feeling motivated.

Catch up with Scott Morrison, as he outlines the tips, tools and techniques to truly engage your audience, whatever the situation.

Connect Quickly: Ask yourself before you begin, who, where or what do I have in common with my audience and integrate these into your pitch.

Make them Laugh: Scott reminds us not to underestimate the power of humour in a presentation, but it might not be for…

Negotiation skills aren’t just for closing the big deals. They’re key for everything from problem solving skills to building better relationships.

Catch up with former Scotland Yard detective Kevin O’Leary as he gives you the inside track to feeling confident when it comes to creating those win-win situations.

Interests VS Positions: Your position is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn how to identify the interests so you can negotiate most effectively.

When to Talk and When to Walk: What do you do when you can’t negotiate any further? Kevin says preparation is key.

When to Walk and…

A winning mindset is about determination, setting clear goals, and building self-confidence.

Catch up with GB Olympic legend Colin Jackson right here as he takes us through his unique experience and insight on developing the winning mindset for success.

Engaging the Winning Mindset: We’re all born with ability to achieve a winning mindset, sometimes we just need to know how to unlock it.

Take a Breath: We can’t work at 100% all the time. Remember to take a moment away from the pressure when you need it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: A problem aired is a problem…

We could all benefit from improving our memory. Sometimes the simplest of things just slip away, and we forget.

Catch up on world-renowned memory coach, Dr. Marc Milstein’s session right here as he provides the tools to unlocking your potential to learn faster, retain more, and forget less.

Use It or Lose It: Your brain is needs to work out just like the rest of your body. Try this tip from Marc to ensure your brains stays in top shape.

Walk It Out: Marc reveals walking for 30 minutes a day can help lower our risk of memory loss…

Do you feel you could be doing more for the planet but you’re just not sure where to start?

Start learning today by discovering how you can make a real difference in turning off the plastic tap both at work and at home with Sian Sutherland’s session on The Weekly for ‘Plastic Free July’.

The Truth About Recycling: Sian reveals the truth behind where our recycling really goes and why all we need to get curious.

Avoid Single-Use ANYTHING: We are responsible for 2 billion tonnes of waste every single year. …

In sport, it’s all about peak performance. Setting goals then surpassing them through hard work, resilience, and determination.

Catch up on this week’s session of The Weekly with DeMarcus Ware for the practical steps you can take to elevate your game starting right now.

Goal Setting for Success: DeMarcus shares how he approaches goal setting to keep himself on track every single day.

You Are What You Want to See: How do you stay motivated even when the going gets tough? DeMarcus tells us the triangle technique he uses to accomplish his goals.

You Can’t Pour From an…

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